Abbey Lee Sarver 


Biological Clock Mirror, 2022. Quality Coins, Yucca Valley, CA. laser-cut plexiglass. 12x24"

Funhouse Wall at Ancient Ocean Arcade, Collaboration with Vanessa Santos / Ancient Pocket & Mirror Manager, 2022. High Desert Test Sites HQ at Sky Village Swap Meet, Yucca Valley, CA. laser-cut plexiglass

Moth Salad, 2022. Quality Coins, Yucca Valley, CA. inkjet, vinyl, steel, magnets. 16x20"

Swap Meet Salad, 2021. Quality Coins, Yucca Valley, CA. inkjet, vinyl, steel, magnets, rocks, found objects. 16x20"

Hell Mouth, 2022. Wasteland, Bezerk Productions, Yucca Valley, CA. inkjet, vinyl, steel, found rocks, & rare earth magnets. 5x7"

Moth Quarantine Toy, 2020. interactive/kinetic photograph: inkjet, vinyl,  steel, & rare earth magnets. 21x28"

Ancient Ocean Fridge Concept, 2020. steel, inkjet on vinyl, rocks collected throughout southern California, rare earth magnets. 34x21" 

Whiz Confluxx at Royal Nonesuch Gallery, Oakland, CA, 2019. steel, inkjet on vinyl, pebbles collected from the Headlands, rocks from throughout California, rare earth magnets

Hanged Woman Mirror. 2020. laser-cut mirrored plexiglas. 19x38"
collection of Mary Evans

Self Portrait as Chimera Mirror. 2020. laser-cut mirrored plexiglass. 19x38" collection of Mark Price

Visiting Parents:  The Pennsylvania Lottery, 2019. Shown at Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley, CA, 2020. 16x16"  steel, inkjet on vinyl, rock, rare earth magnet
collection of Spencer Carrow

Petrified Portal. Shown at Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley, CA, 2020. steel, inkjet on vinyl, laser-cut plexiglas, rare earth magnet. 34"x21" 

Playing with Golden Wolfie (& Panda), 2015-2018. CNC cut mirrored plexiglas 

Mojave Desert Beauty Secrets Vanity, 2017. Residency w/ California Clay Mining Bureau, Center for Land Use Interpretation, Hinkley, CA.

Images from the Cave, 2018. Lamar Dodd School of Art Photography Area, Athens, GA

Sarver’s work exists in a fantasy space between the digital and the real, exploring the anxiety between our physical and image-based reality. Photographs in this territory are not only exhibited but also staged or performed. Images exist through multiple interventions or material studies and are reimagined as props, coming in and out of life as past and future illusions. She challenges the role of the photographer and embraces a wild interdisciplinary practice; often incorporating video, performance, book-making, installation, and sculpture.

Transparent Sinkholes, MFA Thesis, 2016. Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA. Inkjet adhesive fabric, inkjet on vinyl, on steel, laser cut plexiglas, & rare earth magnets

Philadelphia Feeling. Fab Gallery, Richmond, VA. 2015. Inkjet on vinyl on steel, vinyl on floor, two-sided photographic sculpture

Oversharing in the Soups. Magic Pictures Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. 2015. UV prints on plexiglas, adhesive fabric, pvc pipe, selenite.

ABBEY LEE SARVER liquefies her subjects across the page. Outlines of glass and plastic fragments dissolve into the picture surface. Masks lie transparent and deflated in a sea of saturated color. Both color and gravity seem to drain out and slide away from her photographically depicted objects, bleeding into the background and coalescing the surrounding air. Flowering plants and rocks, the weight lifted out from under them, appear to float in a tangible haze of lush tropical colors. Her work is simultaneously empty and overflowing, nowhere and everywhere, existing in the space between dissolution and afterlife.
-Ben Furgal  

Laser in Uterus Flowers, 2015. Installation view, "Reagan Babies" at Ms Barber's, Los Angeles, CA. inkjet on vinyl on steel, photographic sculpture. collection of Sarah Baugh

Large Wavy Vortex, 2015. Part of To: Pluto at Sediment Arts, Richmond, VA inkjet on adhesive vinyl on steel. 3x5'
Collection of Katrina Ohstrom

Sage, Rosemary, Time, 2016. two-sided photograph sculpture 24 x 36". Shown at TGIF Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, collection of Ryan Oskin

Orchid People Photo Op, 2015. installation at Fab Gallery, Richmond, VA. inkjet on vinyl on coroplast, inkjet on adhesive fabric.
collection of Ancient Pocket