Which is the Best HCG Diet?

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The best HCG diet is the one that works for you. The original HCG diet protocol has been around for decades, and over that time a lot of variations have come about designed to help people with different needs lose weight. Along with different diets, there are different methods of taking HCG. You can take it via injections per the original HCG diet, or you can take your HCG in the form of diet drops or pills. What’s important isn’t how you take your HCG, but that you follow the diet faithfully and accurately. While there are advocates out there for every variation of the HCG diet, many say that the best HCG diet is the original one as outlined in Dr. Simeons’ book Pounds & Inches.

Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet requires that you eat a 5oo calorie a day diet selected from a list of approved foods, and supplement that diet with daily injections of the HCG hormone. It’s a high protein diet, and is low in carbs and contains no sugar or starches. Protein has the benefit that it generally leaves you feeling full longer than a meal that consists primarily of carbohydrate, and that effect is utilized in the HCG diet meal plan. There are a wide variety of proteins approved for the HCG diet, so don’t be afraid to vary your meal plan accordingly. You can eat beef, chicken, fish, shrimp and even lobster while still staying safely within the confines of the approved foods list.

While there are a lot of veggies you can eat, several of them are not on the approved foods list. There are a number of reasons that certain vegetables aren’t available. Some of them will interact poorly with the HCG diet, others contain starches that are not allowed, and still others just contain too many calories. The same goes for fruit. You are to eat fruits that are lower in sugar like apples and oranges, and stay away from high-sugar and high-calorie fruit like bananas or grapes. The fruits and vegetables that are allowed on the list of approved foods are all quite low in calories, so even after you finish the diet it might be a good idea to include a large serving of vegetables with every meal. They will not only help you feel full, but do so without adding in any unwanted and unnecessary extra calories.

Fruits are a lot higher in calories than vegetables are, due to their sugar content.  As such, while on the HCG diet it is important not to go over your daily serving recommendations. However, once again, after the HCG diet is over fruit makes an excellent snack and is far healthier than many of the cheap alternatives.

All the foods on this list are approved for the original HCG diet protocol. There are variations available with a wider selection of food, and many of those diets also provide good weight loss results. However, Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet is restrictive for a reason, and if you want to be sure you’re doing the diet right, it might be best to follow the original HCG diet protocol. Try it out for yourself and see if it works for you. If not, it is nice to know that there are other options out there that can serve you better.


Sources of Good HCG Diet Reviews

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If it exists, there’s probably a review for it on the internet. The HCG diet has reviews all over the place, some good, some not so much. People often want an effective, quick method to lose weight and the HCG diet offers just that. If you’d like to be one of the thousands of people who lost weight quickly and easily on the HCG diet, then you want to make sure you get the information you require. One of those ways is to look up the HCG diet reviews online and find out what other people think of the diet.

A man by the name of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was researching the effects of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) on infertile women back in the 1950s (it is still used to help women with fertility issues today). When he found out that many of them were losing weight, he began to look deeper into the connection between weight loss and HCG. Once he was sure of an outcome, he put together a special diet that included HCG hormone injections for weight loss.

Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet consists of three phases. Phase 1 is the loading phase. It’s a 2 day period in which the dieter is to eat as many high fat foods as possible in an attempt to store short-term fat that will be used up for energy during the next phase.  Phase 2 is the weight loss phase, and it lasts about 30-40 days. During this time a dieter is to continue taking HCG supplements while adhering to a 500 calorie a day diet. If you’re worried about eating only 500 calories a day, don’t be. There is also an 800 calorie HCG diet designed to allow people to lose weight who require a few more calories per day. Phase 3 is 3 weeks long and it is the phase in which dieters will try to maintain their weight loss over a period of time. Maintaining the weight loss will stabilize the body and help ensure that the weight lost stays lost.

The meals you eat while on the HCG diet protocol must only come from the list of approved foods. The meal usually consists of fruit in the morning, fruit/protein at lunch and then a dinner consisting of a meat, a vegetable and a fruit for dessert. While you are only to eat 500 calories a day, you can have as much coffee, tea and water as you want. You must follow Dr. Simeons’ protocol exactly, though, as mixing the veggies and fruits in the wrong way can have negative effects on your weight loss results.

500 calories a day often puts people on edge with the HCG diet, but in reality it isn’t as hard as it seems. Phase 2 only lasts about a month, and HCG drops is a natural appetite suppressant. The effects are dramatic and rapid, and being able to see the results as they happen is often motivation enough to finish the diet. You can lose anywhere from .5 to 2lbs a day, and totals of 30+lbs aren’t uncommon.

Find some more HCG diet reviews if you’d like to see the individual results of HCG dieters. You can also look up HCG diet forums if you want some helpful tips, the people there are always happy to help.





What’s Different with the HCG Hormone Diet?

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The HCG hormone diet is an extremely effective method to rapidly lose large amounts of weight. On the diet, a person is to take daily supplements of HCG and follow a 500 calorie a day limit. The HCG is most often taken via injections, however there are HCG diet drops and HCG diet pills out there for those who would prefer an alternative dosing method. People often lose as much as 30 or more pounds in a month when they accurately follow the HCG hormone diet protocol. The weight lost is often kept off by following a nutritious diet after the protocol is over and beginning a moderate exercise program.

Normally, your body’s energy requirements are filled by the food that you eat every day. However, the HCG hormone diet causes you to lose weight by encouraging the body to release stores of fat into the bloodstream. In conjunction with a low calorie diet, these stores of fat are burned off for energy and weight loss results. When your daily energy needs and daily caloric intake are the same, your body maintains its weight. Burning more calories than you eat will cause the body to lose weight. That is the methodology behind the HCG diet plan. The HCG hormone goes a bit further with its release of fat into the bloodstream because normally, your body would start to break down its own muscle before turning to the fat.

Every meal you eat on the HCG hormone diet must consist of selections only from a list of approved foods. Each meal is small, as you can imagine, but the foods available to you are all healthy and no nutrient is left out. This means you will be eating proteins, carbs, grains and a little dairy (optional).  Even though the meals aren’t very large, the HCG hormone is a natural appetite suppressant and most people report feeling very little hunger while on the 500 calorie a day diet. Along with each meal, the HCG hormone is to be taken every day as this will keep your body in a state of burning fat for energy.  If you think you can’t handle 500 calories a day, try it first. You’d be surprised just how easy it is. However, there is an 800 calorie option for those who might need a little bit extra. Very little differs in the 800 calorie version, and the list of approved foods is the same. It is up to you if you want to increase the size of each meal or simply eat once more each day while on the 800 calorie version.

As previously mentioned, the HCG can be taken in one of several different forms. The original HCG diet called for daily HCG hormone injections. A dieter mixes the HCG at home and injects it once per day into their thigh. HCG diet drops can be taken instead of the injections, but they are usually administered more than once a day. The same goes for the HCG diet pills. All three methods, while different in supplementation and HCG levels per dose, are all reported to provide the same weight loss results. If the hormone thing doesn’t sound too appealing, there are also homeopathic HCG diet drops that contain no hormones. These are administered the same way as the regular HCG diet drops and the diet et al. is the same.



What are the Possible HCG Diet Dangers?

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As far as successful weight loss plans go, the HCG diet is one of the best. The results are rapid and dramatic, and the HCG diet is an excellent way to get started losing weight. However, as with all diet and exercise programs, it’s important to be informed on any possible side-effects associated with the program. If you want to do your best to avoid any side-effects altogether (and who wouldn’t) then being informed is your first step.

The first place you could encounter any possible HCG diet dangers is with the way in which the HCG hormone is administered. Typically, the HCG hormone is taken via injections once per day. Most people don’t use hypodermic needles often, if at all, and using one without the proper training can in itself be dangerous. One of the most obvious problems with needles is cleanliness. If you don’t adequately sanitize the area, the risk of infection rises. If you’re going to use needles, make sure you get them from a medical professional, or a reputable manufacturer. Don’t take the unnecessary risk of purchasing cheap needles in an effort to save a few dollars, either. When it comes to your health cutting corners is never a good idea.

The second thing on the list of potential dangers is where the HCG hormone comes from. When something is popular, cheaper versions will often arise with the intent of fooling a consumer. As such, where you purchase your HCG is more important than you might realize. You can buy HCG online, but if you do make sure that it comes from a reputable source. If you’re not sure what to look for in order to make sure your source is legit, ask your doctor. The potential dangers of injecting a fake product run the gamut from simply being ineffectual to downright dangerous. People have been known to develop blood clots from injecting fake HCG, and that’s something you don’t want to mess with. If you do buy HCG online, make sure the supplier gets their merchandise from a laboratory that is approved by the FDA.

If you want to avoid injections altogether, there are options available. HCG diet drops and HCG diet pills are two of the most popular alternatives to injections. There are hormonal and non-hormonal homeopathic varieties of the HCG drops, so you can even take HCG without taking hormones. The up-side is that the hormone-free versions are available without a prescription, but the down-side is that they, too, are plagued by fakes and scams.

Due to the fact that the HCG pills and drops are so much easier, they’re becoming quite popular. You will wan to make sure you follow the tips above to ensure you’re getting the real HCG product and not one of the useless fakes. If you’ve ever heard somebody claim that the HCG diet drops or HCG diet pills don’t work, it’s probably from someone who got scammed into buying phony product.

The weight loss benefits of the HCG diet far outweigh the potential dangers associated with buying HCG online. As long as you’re careful, then you have little to worry about by way of scams or other online tricks that online suppliers might use to try and sell you fake product.






Where do you Get the Most Reliable HCG Diet Information?

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Thousands of people have lost weight fast using the HCG diet. There are several methods in which to supplement HCG including injections, diet drops and pills, and it includes a very strict diet regimen.  The strict diet includes a list of approved foods that, if stuck to, will ensure successful and rapid weight loss. In order to give you a better idea about just how the daily diet should be structured while following the HCG diet, here is an example that you can use to help you create your own HCG diet meal plan.

On your first day of phase 2 (the weight loss phase) of the HCG diet, you will want to begin by taking your HCG injections. After that, breakfast should consist of one of the fruits on the list of approved foods such as an orange or half a grapefruit. Coffee is just fine, and you can have as much as you want, tea as well. Often, people skip lunch on the HCG diet in order to allow for a larger dinner, but you don’t have to. You can eat a piece of melba toast for lunch as the fiber will do your body a lot of good, and it’s a long way to dinner. Dinner consists of a serving of lean meat, a fruit and a vegetable. Be careful not to mix your veggies while following the HCG diet, as it is not advised. Also, don’t eat carbs with your dinner.

Starting off, day 2 will be quite similar to day one. Breakfast will consist of tea, coffee or simply water (you can add lemon if you like) and a piece of fruit. If you had grapefruit the day before, try a pomegranate this time. Pomegranates are extremely good for you in that they include a large dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. With such a low calorie diet, you will want to get as many nutrients from your food as possible. Try a piece of grilled fish for lunch, if you find yourself hungry. Otherwise, you can again snack on a piece of melba toast or a grissini breadstick. This time, alter what you eat for dinner in order to give yourself some variety. If you ate chicken the night before, try a piece of steak tonight and vice-versa. Variation is the key to a successful HCG diet meal plan, so do your best to keep things interesting.

By the third day, you should be well into your routine. Fruit in the morning, a small lunch (if any) and a serving of meat, vegetables and fruit for dinner. It’s important to drink a lot of water while you’re on the HCG diet, at least 2 liters a day is recommended. Also, because your daily caloric intake is so small, you might want to look into vitamin supplements as well.

The serving sizes for each piece of meat should be 100g (or 3.5 ounces) and weighed when raw. You can avoid adding extra calories by making sure not to cook your meat in butter or oil. Grilling or baking are good options here. Make sure your measurement tools are accurate. It might be wise to invest in a cooking scale if you don’t already have one, and a set of measuring cups. Vegetable serving sizes are the same as meat, 3.5 ounces per day. You can look up the calorie count online for various vegetables if you’re curious, but make sure you stick to the list of approved foods.